Datification!  Why is it a Big Deal and Why Does Your Business Need It?-Tim Fowler

''Datification'' is a concept that tracks the conception, development, storage and marketing of all types of data, both for business and life. The term datification was popular with the data modeling community in the 1980s but was not understood well in the general community, but since the onset of the internet, social media and the improvement in global communication technology, the meaning of Datification has had a rebirth. It has grown in popularity of late June 2013 to capture how data measures things and organizations in order to compete and win. It is about making business visible...Read more


iGeneSIX Process Management

IGeneSIX knows that Managing your business, it's people, and systems is an ongoing, dynamic challenge.  iGeneSIX uses Lean Six Sigma tenants designed to help your team eliminate waste and maximize value and productivity.  We offer consulting for you and your team, helping you design systems that bring health and productivity to your company or organization.  We also provide Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training for you and your employees.  We go anywhere to help your team become as efficient as it can be.  With long-term Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma experience, we are confident that we can help your company reach it's highest level of efficiency...Read More


Stamp of Approval is dedicated to helping maximize your people management skills and resources.  We provide information and consultation to help you motivate your team to grow your company, its culture, and it's profits.  We offer leadership training for you and your team and motivational incentives and awards to implement for the good of your organization and the community.  We help your staff, volunteers, and leaders feel valued for the value they bring to your organization, business, or community.  Resources, information, and training are available.  Given that people management influence everything else, our principles have a place in any organization...Read More.